Ronnda Cadle
'Rock in an Easy Listening Kind of Way'
"(After)—an enchanting album that will enthrall you with beauty, melody and passion. I cannot remember when I heard an album that has such a sweet magical blending of instrumentation. Everybody does everything right on this CD."
RJ Lannan
New Age Reporter
"…the kind of music that makes you want to sit back and close your eyes."
Sarah Bettens
K's Choice
"Ronnda is an amazing technician on the guitar. She coaxes a full-voiced sound out of the instrument and the result is a confident, clear tone. She's a melodic, hooky writer. Her songs stay with me for days."
Sue Ennis
Songwriter, Heart
While I continue to strive to be an independant professional musician, every little bit helps!!
I will continue to say, this project would never happen without the support of investors, fans, friends and believers. I wish to take this space to thank all of YOU that have offered support to bring this project into reality.
Thank you for your belief, patience and support; there is NO WAY I could have done this without YOU.
Helen Everts, Jana Cargile and Sherrie Kelly
Janet Heldt, Kate Goodnight -
Ken Romdall and Barbara Guthrie
Kim and Martin Shelman -
Margaret Johns -
Mary Ann Brown, Pat Roberts -

Special thanks to New Day World for your vision and including this project as part of it!
Preorder Angels
Adeena Sarah
Alan Clarke/Jeffery Brown
Alan/Sandy Shaver
Allen, Marce and Mia
Amy Lashley
Amy Meyers
Angie O'Sullivan
Ann Eidson
Ann Pauley
Ann Valliant
Ann Woolner
Anne Guthrie/Richard Gaeta
Annie Aronson
Arland Folline
Barbara Morgan
Becca Fishman
Ben/Dorothy Makowski
Betsy Tinney
Betty Bender
Bev Barnett/Greg Newlon
Beverly Allen
Beverly Heinritz
Bill Lippe
Blair/Anita Powell
Bob/Brenda McCann
Bobbie Zenker
Boston Carter
Brady Parks
Brenda Reimer
Brenda Velasquez
Cara Emery
Carey Christensen
Carol Baker
Carol Statella-Harris
Caroline Aiken,
Caroline Whetham
Carolyn Upton/Claudia Scarbourgh
Carron (KC) Frogge
Casheena Daugard
Cassandra Crosby
Cate Larsen/Emily Brooks
Charon Chase
Chelsea/Judy Zybach
Cheryl Rueda
Chirs/Ellen Hinze
Christie Driskell and Teddy
Christine Boothe
Christy Bear
Cindy Bottomley
Cindy Buck
Cindy Yates
Cyndi Craven
Cynthia Shulman
Damon Buxton
Danielson/Robin Clinton
Darcie McNally
Dave/Helen Clark
David Casseres
David Celebrezze
Dawn Renz
Deb Rowe-(Shenanigans/Bourbon Street Grille, Dahlonega, Ga)
Deb Ryburn
Denise Burnsed
Diane George
Diane Kelley
Dianne DaLee
Drew Kearns
Dusty Makowski
Eli Budd
Elizabeth Elliott
Elizabeth Prewitt
Erica Olsen
Forrest Hilyer
Galen Guthrie
Gina Ostman Burrill
Ginny Callaway
Greg Sutherland
Heidi Pollyea
Heidi Swan
Helen Everts
Indy Behrendt
James Guthrie
Jana Cargile/Sherrie Kelly
Jana Grover
Janet Hailer
Janet Heldt
Janet Rubb
Jaye Pearce
Jean Mann
Jean Savinien
Jennifer Ferren
Jennifer Mann
Jeri Hudson
Jerome Scott
Jim Bruno
Jim/Elizabeth Zimmerman
Jo Giraudo
Joan Karpeles
John Savage
Joni Rusk
Jose Vega
Judy Laub
Julia Carroll
Julie Shannon
Karen Lee
Kate Goodnight
Kathy Hall
Kathy Mathes
Kato Estill
Kay Pieser
Kelly Moss
Kelly Richey
Ken Romdall/Barbara Guthrie
Kerstin Eshelman
Kim/Martin Shelman
Kimberly Copper
Kimberly/Ray House
Larry Schmid
Laura Butler
Laura Knoff
Laura Payne
Laura Pokalsky
Lenny Lasater,
Lenore Bush
Leslie Berry
Linda Cirrone Lambert
Linda Schuster/Colleen Roberts/VENUS THE RV
Lisa Chupity
Lisa Cohen
Madalyn Sklar/
Margaret Guthrie
Margaret Johns/Sage Design
Marian Stainbrook
Marianne Harant
Marie-Anne Woolley
Mark Dodge
Marla Shelmadine
Marti Catron
Mary Ann Brown
Melinda Allen
Melissa Messeguer
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Nusi Dekker
Paddy Sue Guthrie
Pat Gibson
Pat Roberts/Swiftwaters
Patricia Brown
Priscilla Blakeslee
Rachel Sedacca
Rebecca Roase
Renee Freshwater
Rhonda Howell
Rick Barbarino/White Rain Films
Rita Beal
Robin Roberts
Roxanne George
Sabrina Smith/Barbara Warren
Sall Hudson
Sandy Ellis-Schneider and Wade Schneider
Shalan Hill
Shannon Bath
Shelley Emerson
Sherrill Winder
Shirley Adams
Stacy Brice
Stacy Scoggins/Chandler/Keelia Agsunod/NEW DAY WORLD
Steffi Zacke/Pia de Souza
Steve Kropf/A Gathering Grove
Susan Zamaria
Suzanne Degnats
Tawana Wales
Tera Ladner
Teresa Fouts
Tessa Bevins
The Caldwell Family
Timothy Lajoie/Chris Zydel
Tina Dinzl-Pederson
Tina Perricone
Tina Stone
Tracey Bagley
Tracy Anderson
Unity Christ Church-Kennesaw, Ga
Utopia Alpacas
Valerie Gallagher
Vanessa Foster