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Album: The Gathering

The Gathering album cover



Please enjoy a preview of each song in this album. You can add this album to your cart to buy directly from Ronnda Cadle!

  1. 1. Glastenbury, Vermont (Masako)
  2. 2. Taoist Winds (Paul Jensen)
  3. 3. Bread of Angels (Stanton Lanier)
  4. 4. Mountain Laurel (Kathryn Kaye)
  5. 5. The Prophet (Rudy Perrone)
  6. 6. Feeling Sunshine (Fiona Joy Hawkins)
  7. 7. Serengeti (Jeff Oster)
  8. 8. Intimacy (Into Me See) (Dean Boland)
  9. 9. Porch with a View (Frank Smith)
  10. 10. The Brightest Night (Todd Boston)
  11. 11. Kim's Song (Rocky Fretz)
  12. 12. Hide and Seek (Shambhu)
  13. 13. Carpe Diem (Kori Linae Carothers)
  14. 14. Anthem (Peter Jennison)
  15. 15. Livia's Song (Denise Young)
  16. 16. Thyn Ayre (Devin Rice & Erin Aas)
  17. 17. The Color of Sunshine (Lawrence Blatt)
  18. 18. Shalom (Ronnda Cadle)
  19. 19. Dawn on Red Mountain (Ann Sweeten)
  20. 20. Forever (Ken Verheecke)
  21. 21. Shades of You (Patrick Gorman)
  22. 22. The Wheel (Will Ackerman)


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